Business Club of Sports Club

Business Club : lead the community of partners of your Sports Club.

Immerse your members and partners in your world and offer your community a modern communication channel that promotes networking. With SuperConnectr, develop interactions between your members and enhance your business.

News, events, directory, discussions, recommendations... With an application in your Club's colors, promote your network and put it within reach of your community!

Business Club-Networking sport

The Business Club of a sports club unites partners around a brand, a coat of arms that promotes the spirit of the collective and its social role in an often local area. Being a partner of a Business Club means joining a community that promotes the values of a collective sport, increasing its reputation and developing its network to increase its business opportunities.

How to promote your Sports Club Business?

Develop your brand

Immerse your members in the world of your club and enhance your brand with a personalized application in the colors of your crest!

Build team spirit

Share exclusive content with your members and strengthen the strength of your Club's network through your news and member discussions.

Activate the strength of your network

Unite your community and develop business opportunities between members through your directory, private messaging and matchmaking.

Unite your members and develop business networking

Networking-Members Directory

Membership Directory

Develop a sense of belonging and professional opportunities for your partners with your member directory. With a powerful search engine by name, job title, company, location and even by skill, promote networking and professional meetings between your members.

Immerse your members in the world of your Club!


In the spotlight

  • Centralize your communication with your members and group your community's news in a dedicated news feed. 
  • Give your members a voice to react to your news through likes and comments.

The Agora

  • Encourage exchanges through a thread dedicated to your members
  • Sharing information, offers, needs, requests for mutual aid, calls for recommendations... your community becomes a catalyst of opportunities through your Agora.

The Connector

  • Business referrals, recruiting by referral, connecting with an expert... connecting two members to facilitate mutual support has never been easier.

  • Qualify and quantify the connections within your community to better value your community ROI.

Joining a business club means joining a powerful network to develop your business and benefit from the power of recommendation. Strengthen your impact in the local economic ecosystem, develop community membership and enhance your brand!

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